Chattanooga’s greatest Show (and Tell) will be on full display Saturday, September 9 at the First Tennessee Pavilion from 10AM to 6PM. This FREE family-friendly event is a collaboration of invention and creativity for people who enjoy sharing what they make and those who enjoy learning.


The festival includes a wide array of makers from tech enthusiasts and engineers to crafters and artists. Attendees will get to experience highly interactive exhibits as well as the opportunity to participate in workshops, hands-on experiments and hobby presentations.


This year, the Chattanooga Mini Maker Faire is back in full force with over 80 makers ready to wow the crowd. Get to know a few of the Makers that will be sharing their crafts at this year’s Faire and then come see what these creators have been working on!


800 Collective: Color Your City In “Color Your City,” artists from the 800 Collective will guide Maker Faire visitors to complete a 5’x8′ pop-up mural of the Chattanooga cityscape. The finished piece will reflect individuals’ aspirations for themselves and their city.


Art / Dev Art/Dev promotes collaboration between makers to explore the intersection of art and technology. We meet monthly for show & tell, provide art & design workshops, and hold regular “playshops” where participants make around a theme or material.


Art Bike Rodeo with Natali Leduc Step right up! Natali Leduc and Art 120′s Urban Art Bike Team will be on hand with their newest fleet of art bikes. Take one for a spin and talk to our team about their mobile creations!


Assistive Technology Assistive Technology (AT) is any device that which make someone with a disability more independent. Signal Centers will be making a variety of commercial and custom-fabricated AT products available for hands-on engagement. Make-it-take-it craft activity also provided..


Bright Spark Invention Contest Calling all young makers! Visit Bright Spark and unleash your creativity while learning about Design Thinking. Bring your awesome idea to life using our maker kit. Share your brilliant invention and you’ll be eligible to win a Bright Spark prize! // Website


Build secure Raspberry Pi Linux for Online Banking/Other Maker Topics Worry about using the same computer you look at Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram with for your online banking? Every want to build 3D printer kit or use paper to do crafts? We’ll cover “How To” on all these maker tools and project ideas! // Facebook Page


Cardboard Castles with the RBES Makerspace Come build with Cristol Kapp, Red Bank Elementary School’s librarian and makerspace maven. Using simple tools (duct tape) and cardboard, young makers will create an epic, interactive space over the course of the Maker Faire. // Website


Cardboard Challenge Cardboard is a great material for creating what the imagination dreams up. Come grab a box, some tape and use your imagination to create something amazing for the Cardboard Challenge!


Chatt Comix Co-Op: Mini Comix Creations! The Chatt Comix Co-Op is a multi-talented group of writers and artists who bond over a shared interest of creating comics together. Check out 5 original mini-comic anthologies & zines featuring stories and art from locals — and make one yourself! // Facebook Page


Chattanooga Fire Dancers Come one, come all! Bare witness to an extravagant display of artistry as we bend the fiercest of elements to our will in a practice of poise, bravery, and grace; watch on wits end, as we dance with fire!


Chattlab Promotion The Chattlab booth will have member projects and displays demonstrating our mission to bring making to the Chattanooga area. // Facebook Page


Chattooine Chattooine is Chattanooga’s biggest, best, and most inclusive fan and costuming group! Throughout the year, we do dozens of charity events and public appearances, and we’re always looking for more interesting people to learn and grow with us. // Website


Concrete Canoe by ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) UTC Student Chapter The ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) UTC Student Chapter designs, builds, and races a concrete canoe each year to compete with other schools. Creating efficient floating vessels from concrete is an educational design challenge for students.


Connect Haiti Team The Connect Haiti team is composed of 10 high school Juniors and Seniors who have partnered with HATponics with the goal to connect the village of Bassin Zim, Haiti with their school, community center, and church by a suspension bridge.


Danyelle Woods Designs Danyelle creates nature-inspired designs with locally-sourced materials in Chattanooga. Products for sale include woodburned plaques, handmade jewelry, watercolor prints, & hand-printed apparel. Creative demos will be hosted with wood & watercolor. // Etsy Shop


Food Literacy with the Library The Chattanooga Public Library will be at the Maker Faire with its mobile kitchen. Join us all day for cooking demos. We have limited space of 10 people per lesson.


Foundry in a Box Foundry in a Box allows students to create their own castings, from pressing the oil-based sand into a small matchplate mold, melting tin on a hotplate and safely pouring the molten metal into the mold. Students may then keep their casting.


Fusion: Nurse Coaching Fusion Nurse Coaching’s goal is to support you in implementing proactive changes in your daily routines that will reflect in your well being. Exploring complementary medicine, exercise and diet to set and achieve goals.


Gardenchick: Basic Cold Process Soap Interested in learning to make your own soap, but intimidated by using lye? Come and find out how easy and safe it is to create your own cold process soap from scratch using lye and oils. // Website 3d Printers 3D Printers has one of the largest build volumes available. Breakthrough in 3D Printing Technology. Empowering our children to dream Bigger, while teaching collaborative learning and problem solving. We are Kentucky Proud. // Website


Greater Chattanooga Multirotor A group of local RC hobbyists that are focused on educating the public on best safety practices and general information about drones. The main product of the group is home built drones using maker techniques such as Cad Design, CNC, 3d printing, soldering, and circuit board design // Facebook Group


Green’s Skygazers! Green’s Eco Build & Design will help you star gaze, paint a mural, and find your keys! Join us as we build Stargazer Chairs, stain with hemp oil, paint with the most environmentally-friendly spray paint on the market, and customize a Jack-O-Rack! // Website


Green|spaces green|spaces, Chattanooga’s Sustainability Nonprofit, will present our NextGen Homes, healthy homes that generate as much electricity as they consume and which were built at conventional construction costs. Learn how to generate your own electricity! // Website


HATponics HATponics creates modular, sustainable farms using aquaponics technologies that are portable, scalable and reduce water and space consumption by 90%. Our farms are used in school systems across multiple states to teach sustainable agriculture. // Website


Hooper Machine and Design: Computer Aided Manufacturing Hooper Machine and Design specializes in product design & manufacturing. With sophisticated computer technology we go from concept to product, helping both artisan and engineer manufacture a product that is perfect. // Website


Infinity Scarves Upcycling Workshop Come check out the Sewing Lab from the 4th Floor at the Chattanooga Public Library and upcycle an infinity scarf using a variety of fabrics. Pick out your fabric and hop on one of our machines and learn to create an infinity scarf in minutes! // Website


Internet of Farming – Make your garden smarter! Hydroponics is gardening in nutrient water instead of soil. It grows more food and uses only 10% of the water of traditional gardening. But it’s tough! Gnomebot makes it easy by helping growers remotely monitor and manage their plants. // Website


Ironhorse Railroad Grandfather-built quarter-scale backyard railroad. Powered by a pair of dc motors and 12v batteries, controlled by Arduino computers. // Website


Kingsport City Schools Middle School STREAM Camp The 2017 Kingsport City Schools Middle School STREAM Camp was designed to incorporate Project-Based Learning concepts into a real world challenge. Students were introduced to and applied the creative design process to better the world around them. // Website


Lego brick bot battles  Brick Bots are 3d printed to give each child a uniform base to add legos to. Each driver must use the big box of Legos and their imagination to protect their Minifigure driver while trying to defeat their opponent. Brought to you by the Olph Maker’s Club!


Make It with Creative Discovery Museum Creative Discovery Museum invites children and families to enjoy making together. Use a variety of familiar as well as new materials to build, sew and create. // Website


Mama Crunk’s Make-Your-Own-Pie Local business owner and baker from Mama Crunk’s Pies, Christine Nguyen will selling her pies and showing folks how to make their own pies, both delicious and decoratively pleasing using fresh ingredients and special techniques. // Website


Mobile Gym An art bike measuring 19 feet long, made of 4 stationary bikes retrofitted with bicycle parts , a motorcycle front end and car tires on a custom built rear end. Powered by 4 people, arms and legs that turn four cranks and over 35 feet of chain.


Morrissey Model At Morrissey Model, our team designs custom logos, awards, and social media marketing for teachers, creating that “cool factor” that turns classrooms into desirable brands in the eyes of their students, giving them an “edge” they didn’t have before. // Website


Pat and Wally 3DP We design, build, tune, and fix 3D printers, CNC cutters, lasers, and drawbots for fun. We like to try to get kids interested in making more and consuming less. Come draw something with our extra large “Sketch A Etch” drawbot and take it home!


Pedal Powered Juice Exercise bicycle converted into a pedal powered juicer and is completely operated by human power. Makers will learn about green energy options and the possibility of using pedal powered machines to power “everyday appliances” like a juicer. // Website


PetCloud At PetCloud, you can create permanent online profiles for your entire Pet Family! All of your memories in one place, dedicated to your furry (or not!) family members. Tell their story the way only you can. Visit our interactive green-screen photo setup and learn how it all works. We have an assortment of fun props for your unique picture. // Website


Quantum Pilot Retro arcade action with a modern twist. Each enemy ship is a clone of you. Predict. Adapt. Obliterate. // Website


R2 Builders Club The R2 Builders Club is an internet-based fan club who share a love for Star Wars and a desire to build accurate, full-scale replicas of droids and related props from Star Wars.


Reality: A Student Inspired and Created Interactive Experience “Reality” is an interactive experience for Hamilton County residents to explore our county’s history with equity and education. // Website


Resin casting with Matt Dutton I plan to set up a table worth of materials and tools that will be used to demonstrate a type of mold making and casting. There will also be opportunities to allow guests to cast their own objects and then combine them to make interesting art objects.


Robot Battles Since 1991, Robot Battles has been staging robotic combat competitions (mostly) around the southern United States // Website


Robotic Art Did you know that you can PAINT with ROBOTS? Come create a small work of art or just play in our robotic playground. 


Silent Disco/Entertainment Platform We would give participants of the Maker Faire an opportunity to take a few minutes to remember how fun it can be to dance. Our headphones operate on three channels, allowing users to navigate through three music options at the same time. // Website


STEAM building Join us as we make our way around the world exploring famous landmarks! Children will design and plan a strategy for building a replica of the landmarks using Legos.


STEM School Chattanooga Learn about our FRC robot, then try your hand at driving it, transporting a gear, and offloading fuel balls into the steam engine! Learn how ultrasonic sensors work and try out the bike safety invention made by our InvenTeam for MIT’s EurekaFest! // Website


Streetdiva Designs: ceramic beads & pendants Streetdiva Designs: specializing in hand carved ceramic beads and pendants. Discover the process of bead making and learn carving techniques using needle files. Enjoy 2 “Try it here” activities: make a bead from wet clay & carve into dry clay. // Etsy


Studio Everything – Paint-bot Studio Everything is a creative art studio in East Chattanooga on Glass Street. We will build a large-scale version of a maker faire robot and add functionality to it in some capacity so it can create miniature paintings during the Maker Faire. // Facebook


Tapecanvas: Analog Video Workshop Explore real time video generation and processing with 4 separate stations including live cameras, video feedback, synthesizers, circuit bent video processors, modified tv’s and DIY video instruments // Website


Teacherpreneur Ideathon What’s your big idea? Come share it with us – and learn about some of the work the Public Education Foundation and HCDE’s Teacherpreneurs are doing to transform public education in Hamilton County and beyond. // Website


TechTown Battle Bots TechTown will be offering hands-on operating with our Lego and Mbot robots. The Lego robots will be program to throw a ping pong ball various distance. Our MBot robots with be programmed for Battles Bots or soccer competitions. // Website


Thalia Micah, Internationally Certified Wellness & Spiritual Coach I am an Internationally Certified Wellness & Spiritual Coach Consulting Hypnotist Licensed Massage Therapist Reiki Master with extensive studies in Traditional Oriental Medicine & Herbology which has given me the ability to afford my client result. // Website


the art of Mont Overton I find myself combining a multitude of traditional copper/metalsmithing techniques. I strive to honor history with my work, by carrying on traditions that are becoming more unique, or even lost forms of art in our modern world.


The Chattery The Chattery is a nonprofit learning collective focusing on fun, affordable and accessible education. The booth will showcase a few of our most popular classes to encourage attendees to have fun while learning. // Website


The Hub Chattanooga The Hub Chattanooga will be a place to make things, both large and small, digital and analog, tangible and abstract. It will be a space for makers of all sorts to build a community around the discovery of making.


The Passage Come One Come All to the exciting classroom on wheels. Have you ever seen your child’s homework and not been quite sure how to do it? Have you been worried about your child’s academic growth or wanted to know more about the world of STEM? Well have no fear as The Passage is here!


The Renaissance of Board Games Board gaming is hotter than ever with thousands of new titles being released, a surge of new creators & players, and dominating sites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe. Find out what makes these new games so different than the classics, and play one, too! // Facebook


The VW eLab Experience Educators from the 8 VW eLabs in Hamilton County Schools will lead hands-on activities for Mini Maker Faire Attendees, demonstrating the incredible opportunities – and access to maker education – available to students in our public schools. // Website


University of Tennessee, Chattanooga-College of Engineering and Computer Science and the Challenger Center BAJA car, Concrete Canoe, ChemE car, Steel Bridge and Robotics competitions. We will have 3D printing examples.


UTC College of Engineering and Computer Science — Challenger Center display you can view 3D printing, make and launch clay rockets and master a giant jenga engineering design challenge. // Website


UTC College of Engineering and Computer Science A senior design group at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga has completed the design, build, and testing of a small scale Zero Energy Building which will be used to demonstrate sustainable systems to area high school students.  Power to the building is supplied by a solar panel while strip heaters are used to hold a temperature difference, controlled by a thermostat, with the local surroundings.  Removable insulation was included in the design of the model to help students understand the magnitude of the increased power load needed when poor insulation is selected.  This model was designed in conjunction with the Zero Energy Building that was created by UTC’s Center for Energy, Transportation, and the Environment at the Advanced Vehicle Test Facility located near the Chickamauga Dam. Also, Meet UTC ChemE Car and Baja teams and learn about club involvement and travel competitions. See what UTC CECS students are doing in Robotics, 3-D Printing, CompUTC and UAV drone research. // Website


UTC Library Studio The UTC Library Studio is a collaborative creation space available to all faculty, staff, and students. We provide a place for people to learn something new with friendly staff to help. // Website


Wayne-O-Rama Sculpture-Making Workshop (for children) Join the Wayne-O-Rama team & create your own sculpture. Learn about Wayne White, see the Matthew Dutton Wayne White puppet & build your own art creation. Students age 7-15 are invited to join WOR artists in this workshop experience. $5/student


What Tiger’s Make! Howard High School art students and other CTE students showing a variety of work completed during their educational career. // Website


Woodcraft of Chattanooga Woodcraft of Chattanooga will be demonstrating woodcarving, woodturning and the use of CNC machine. // Website


Makers sharing their crafts and exhibits aren’t the only participants that will be in attendance – Commercial Makers will be on site as well! These include businesses that make artisanal products, crafts, or unique technologies. Learn more about some of the Commercial Makers you’ll find at the Faire:


3weebirds Something handmade for someone special. By making and selling handmade cards and notes, I hope to encourage others to continue the time-honored tradition of the hand written note. // 3weebirds Etsy


Ogle Art Framable wall art, custom made paint palette jewelry, and original graphic tees. // Website


Ayelet’s Style Hand-made and embroidered, traditional clothing and accessories from the native population of south Mexico. // Ayelet’s Style FB Page


Best Sesh Board Co. At Best Sesh we build high quality unique longboards and skateboards using premium reclaimed wood and bio-based resin. We are based right here in Chattanooga, TN


Claudia’s Creations-Hand made greeting cards and more I will have hand made cards in a variety of shapes and sizes and different greetings.


Creations by Sweet Preserve your memories with my cleverly themed photo –

ready, handmade, scrapbook mini albums. These albums are designed with different levels of interactivity. As a paper crafter, I also create greeting cards and novelty paper items. // Etsy


Everyday Heirlooms by Meaghan Everyday Heirlooms by Meaghan is handcrafted gifts for everyday. Quality and care are used to create beautiful items that last. Your little one will love my bibs, muslin swaddle blankets, bonnets, sunsuits and rompers. You’ll love my custom totes, too! // Facebook


Haberdashed & Company We hand-make fine leather and waxed cotton handbags with a funky fresh style. We also cater to the dapper guy with a keen sense of style with one of a kind ties, bowties, hankies and suspenders. // Website


IEEE Chattanooga Section The IEEE Chattanooga Section promotes engineering and computer science to both professionals and promotes STEM to youth. Come by the both and see what the IEEE can do for you. // Website


Kat’s Naturals Kat’s Naturals is a local manufacturer of CBD hemp oil products. CBD is known for its many therapeutic benefits including symptom relief associated with inflammation, pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression and much more. // Website


Media Menagerie I’ve been Chattanooga resident for almost 10 years and I’m so in love with this beautiful city! I started Media Menagerie as an outlet for my creative adventures and plan to always keep the ideas fresh, health focused, and environmentally friendly.


Shai’s Healthy Treats Shai’s Healthy Treats provide an alternative to people with allergies like me or simply want to have healthier habits. My treats are Non-GMO, lactose, wheat, corn, shrimp, & gluten free. I transform bad ingredients into good ingredients in my recipes.


The Bow Lady and More Hi, The Bow Lady here from The Bow Lady and More! We sell hand crafted bows, head bands, scrunchies and other children’s accessories as well as crochet products for adults and children alike which include hats, gloves, and scarves. // Website


UltiMachine UltiMachine is a leading 3D Printer component manufacturer. We develop open source systems that drive additive manufacturing. We specialize in electronics and consumables for OEMs, researchers, hobbyists, and hackers. // Website


This upcoming event will be held Saturday, September 9, at the First Tennessee Pavilion from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Admission is FREE. Come see what these creators have been working on!


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